SUGIZO new album ONENESS M 29.11.2017

SUGIZO, es un reconocido artista dentro del circuito musical japonés, quien pertenece actualmente como integrante oficial a las bandas LUNA SEA, X JAPAN, JUNO REACTOR y a S.K.I.N, fuera de trabajar como integrante de soporte de las agrupaciones SHAG y S.T.K. Pero no solo se ha hecho de un nombre por las bandas en las […]

Kuchizuke On Air Capítulo 2

Tracklist: 01 Artema – [2013.02.20] Artema – 09 Fairy Tale 02 glay – [2013.01.23] GUILTY 02 EverKrack (album ver.) 03 MEJIBRAY – [2013.02.06] DIE KUSSE 01.DIE KUSEE 05 D’espairs Ray – [2009]  Redeemer 05 – Kamikaze 06 NIGHTMARE – [2013.01.30] SCUMS 02 ASSaulter 07 Versailles – [2013.01.30] Best Album 2009-2012 Anthologie 11. Rhapsody of the […]

Crush! 3-90’s V-Rock best hit cover LOVE songs-

CRUSH 49 are: ν[NEU] – Mitsu on vocal Guild – YOSHIHIRO on guitar1 OZ – Aki on guitar2 NoGoD – Karin on bass D HIROKI on drums Third V-ROCK cover compilation CD features hit songs in the 90’s created by Japanese popular bands such as X JAPAN, GLAY, LUNA SEA, Kyosuke Himuro, SharanQ and more. TrackLisT1- […]


GLAY ROCK AROUND THE WORLD 2010-2011 LIVE IN SAITAMA SUPER ARENA-SPECIAL EDITION- Release Date 2011/05/25 GLAY 「ROCK AROUND THE WORLD」LIVE DVD&Blu-ray 発売決定!! 25万人を動員した»GLAY LIVE TOUR 2010-2011 ROCK AROUND THE WORLD»のツアーファイナルさいたまスーパーアリーナ公演をDVD&初Blu-ray化!! Tracklist 1. シキナ 2. 汚れなきSEASON 3. ビリビリクラッシュメン 4. WASTED TIME 5. Cynical 6. 口唇 7. 遥か・・・ 8. Precious 9. 風にひとり 10. AMERICAN INNOVATION 11. 週末のBaby […]

GLAY ~ Record de público en programa de radio, 3.000 aficionados

Yesterday, May 05, GLAY as the first of a planned reconstruction of earthquake affected areas are East, recording public events at Radio Music Hall Oosakazyou «FM802 × GLAY Presents BUGGY CRASH NIGHT] public record [» Thank you for your love «» performed.   source : natalie   MembersVocal … TERU→ GLAYGuitar TAKURO …→ GLAY Guitar […]